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Welcome to IMECO

India, one of the fastest growing economies in the world.Pune, the seventh largest metropolis, which boasts second largest industrial area in India, with prominent automotive and IT industries. Pune is home to the Automotive Research Association of India, which is responsible for certification of all vehicles, available in India. Automotive giants like Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mercedes Benz, Force Motors, Hyundai heavy Industries, JCB have set-ups in Pune. General Motors, Volkswagen, and Fiat have set up greenfield facilities near Pune. Hence, Pune has developed this reputation of being the Detroit of the east.

IMECO is pioneers in designing & manufacturers of industrial component cleaning machines in India. The company started in 1968 & has so far more than 10,000 installations for various types of machines. Imeco developed Ultrasonic cleaning technology in India. In depth knowledge of process & requirements coupled with the vast experience helps us in providing the total solutions. Imeco is also the only company in India that has manufactured machines with aqueous based & solvent based which covers the entire range of cleaning spectrum.

We at Imeco have set benchmarks in cleaning technology by achieving cleanliness values of 0.001 mg gravimetrically on 100 microns particle size. This has set precedence in cleaning technology worldwide achieved through highly innovative filtration technology

IMECO Cleaning Machine Pvt. Ltd, today, is proud to be the leading designer and manufacturer of special purpose, custom-built cleaning machine & cleaning technologies and complete solution provider for industrial components cleaning needs of industries, such as precision cleaning to commit gravimetric values of the stringent range of 0.01 mg, particle sizes of 200 micron, surface finish, passivation, rust inhibition, drying etc

Why Choose Us(IMECO)

Our mission is to provide latest cleaning machines and solutions by being sensitive to customers changing needs, adopting the latest technologies, effecting timely deliveries and generating the best value for money. The cleaning machine approach of the imeco engine platform is simple, operator friendly, and easy to maintain.

Broadening spectrum in cleaning. The footprints are ready. Developments will be announced shortly. To support ambitious growth investments in augmentation of the basic infrastructure has been executed on ground.

We are pleased to announce our technology tie-up with a German company, VAPIC, Vacuum and Pressure Industrial Cleaning, who are the leaders in Energy Efficient, Aqueous technologies and Solvent based technologies.This will help bring latest, solvent based technology to India at economical price and highly energy efficient aqueous machines, with focus on drastically reducing connected electrical load.

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