Imeco has successfully introduced, designed, manufactured and implemented various cleaning machine concepts

  • Multi-chamber, multi-process
  • Single chamber, multi-process
  • With or without vacuum assistance
  • Rotary Indexing machines
  • Tunnel Washers
  • Single Piece flow, conveyorised machines
  • Overhead conveyorised machines
  • Floor conveyorised machines
  • High pressure spray washers
  • Coating Lines
  • Process equipment
  • SOLVECON (cleaning and drying under vacuum, using solvents)

Imeco also provides accessories like intelligently programmed, automatic material handling systems, elaborate, coarse and absolute filtration arrangements, oil separation mechanisms, distillation systems etc.

SCSP - Single Chamber Single Process


Rotating Basket Cleaning Machine

Orbital Type Cleaning Machine

MCMP - Multi Chamber Multi Process with Walking Beams

MHS – Material Handling System

Tunnel Washer

Tunnel Washer for Sheet Cleaning

Multi Chamber Multi Process - Gantry System

MCMP for Plastic Engine Component Cleaning

MCMP for Camshaft Cleaning

MCMP Concept for Machine tool Cleaning

Coating Plants

IMECO has supplied equipments, which comprise of different chemistry each, handling heavy alkaline, alkaline and heavy acidic chemicals, even Chromic Acid and Cynides such as:

  • Manganese Ion Phosphating Plants
  • Zinc Phosphating Plants
  • Black Oxidation Plants
  • Surface Treatment Plants
  • Plating Lines
  • Nitriding Plants

Processes for Coating Equipments

  • Ultrasonic Degreasing
  • Ultrasonic Degreasing / Rinsing
  • Water Rinsing
  • Cascade Water Rinsing
  • Acid Dip
  • Water Rinsing
  • Cascade Water Rinsing
  • Cascade Water Rinsing
  • Activation
  • Phosphating/ Coating/ Black Oxidation
  • Stand-by Phosphating/ Coating/ Black Oxidation
  • Water Rinsing
  • Cascade Water Rinsing
  • Passivation
  • Water Rinsing
  • Drying

Facilities considered for Coating Equipments

  • PLC based / HMI Controlled Automatic Basket Handling
  • Basket Rotation (Tumbling)
  • Particulate Matter Filtration
  • Oil Separation
  • Sand Bed Filtration
  • Paper Band Filtration
  • Liquid Level Control
  • Temperature Control
  • pH Measurement
  • Concentration Indication
  • Dozing
  • Chemical Dozing
  • Fume Exhaust