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IMECO is a leading designer and manufacturer of special purpose, custom-built cleaning machinery.  It caters to the cleaning needs of industrial components by delivering precision cleaning. IMECO cleaning systems are configured to deliver gravimetric values upto 0.001 mg, particle size of 5 microns, surface finish, passivation, rust inhibition, drying etc. IMECO has pioneered the technique of Automated Cleaning Engineering. This three-step process ensures precise and complete cleaning using automation built into the production process.
The three-step ACE cleaning methodology works as follows:

1. Select the Required Cleaning Technique

The cleaning technique may vary from product to product. Both the geometry of the product and the chemistry involved defines the cleaning process. Selecting the right method is crucial to the outcome.

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2. Cleaning Modules / Processes

The second step involves selecting the appropriate cleaning process. IMECO’s technology offers a wide range of cleaning processes to suit varied applications. Every industry has its own demands. IMECO customises machinery to suit the production line designed for specific production requirements.

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3. The Different Drying Techniques

The third and final process is the drying process. After thorough cleaning, the product is sent to a drying chamber where different techniques are used to ensure drying. The different drying techniques are

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Cleaning System

Why IMECO Ultrasonic Cleaning ?

High-Quality Ultrasonic Transducers

IMECO ultrasonic transducers are made of the top quality piezoelectric crystals. While the material cost to produce these transducers is high, they have a much longer operational life cycle thus delivering value to our clients.

High-Quality Ultrasonic Generator Components

IMECO ultrasonic generators are made with MOSFET transistors and other high-quality components that are specially designed keeping continuous manufacturing in mind.
Ultrasonic transducers are rated by their power output. It is measured by watt density, as power/volume or watts/ltrs.
Depending on the part complexity, our engineers select the appropriate transducer wattage required for effec tive cleaning.

Thick-Gauge Stainless Steel

IMECO uses thicker gauge of steel for it’s stainless steel ultrasonic tanks allowing it to withstand the long-term impact of ultrasonic vibrations.

Clean has acquired a new meaning in 2020 ! In 1968, when IMECO hit the ground running, cleaning meant something else. 52 years ago, the challenge was to convert a manual cleaning operation into a mechanized process to ensure better cleaning results. Hence, spray cleaning, immersion flood wash and chemicals were engineered to deliver optimum results.

Fifty years later, standards of cleaning have changed dramatically.

IMECO today employs complete cleaning process, including Ultrasonics and Spray, that delivers stringent cleanliness values of 0.001 mg gravimetrically and particle size of 100 micron.

IMECO has been involved in the design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning and servicing of Industrial Cleaning Systems over the last five decades.

From simple spray cleaning to immersion flood wash to high pressure wash; IMECO has developed a wide range of cleaning solutions that span the entire gamut of industries in India and the globe. With over 14,000 installations worldwide, IMECO has impacted cleaning standards of virtually every product from a pin to a plane !

The cleaning machines at IMECO have been developed over several decades and have satisfied critical applications in diverse industries, such as:

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