Automotive Parts Cleaning

IMECO Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines are ideal for removal of all carbon deposits and brighten up the automotive parts. Carbon staining, corrosion can be cleaned with precision.

IMECO ultrasonic cleaning machines are specifically designed for the cleaning and de-greasing of all type of parts and components in Automotive industry.

Thus, the results while cleaning automobile engines are spectacular, even in those smaller and delicate parts.

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how it works

1 To clean automotive parts
IMECO ultrasonic cleaning machines achieve excellent cleaning results in many types of materials, especially in complex parts, where the ultrasounds have excellent results. Automotive parts such as Crankshaft, Camshaft, Cylinder block, Cylinder head, Connecting rod, Turbo charger housing, Exhaust manifold, automotive metal Gasket, heat exchanger plates, hydraulic valves, hydraulic parts cleaning can be cleaned with precision.

2. To remove..

Clean carbon deposits from engine parts and carburetors
Remove stubborn grease, oil, paint, lubricants, rust, and dirt
Safely clean any aluminum parts
Penetrate and thoroughly clean small apertures, small holes, and crevices
Clean sensitive parts including plastic and wiring without damage

3. IMECO customized cleaning machines

IMECO makes specific recommendations on cleaning application based on the material, part, and nature of the contamination. Used parts with surfaces caked with hard deposits and new parts contaminated with shop dirt or manufacturing residue require different cleaning solutions. We determine the best frequency and power to use and the special features that will optimize cleaning performance.

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IMECO Cleaning machines allow the best quality of superficial cleaning also in complicated geometric parts, like ultrasonic carburetor cleaning .


Appox 80% of time, Labour cost and cleaning solutions can be saved in comparison with traditional systems.

Environment Friendly

Automotive engine cleaning by immersion in ultrasonic tank decreases water cost and the cleaning system is safe for the operators and their work environment.


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