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IMECO Machines Pvt Ltd., formerly known as IMECO Ultrasonics, has been in the business of designing, manufacturing, marketing and servicing ultrasonic equipment, since 1968. IMECO had indigenously manufactured Ultrasonic Cleaners, Vapour Degreasers and Plastic Welding machines for the first time in India.

Imeco was founded in 1968, by Mr. M. D. Anagol, a highly respected pioneer in the field of Ultrasonic machines. Imeco has recently undergone an Apex Management change, which has made it a highly proficient, more customer-centric and growth-oriented organization. Imeco, now, is a group company of an MNC group, having offices in United States, Hungary, other than five facilities in India.

During past 52 years, Imeco has successfully installed over 4000 large cleaning machines, more than 10000 small cleaning machines and more than 2500 plastic welding machines all over India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Indonesia, Singapore, Italy, Romania, Thailand, Egypt, America, Canada, Australia, Russia, Dubai and United Arab Emirates. Imeco has successfully introduced, designed, manufactured and implemented various cleaning machines concepts, like multi-chamber, multi-process, single chamber, multi-process, with or without vacuum assistance, Rotary Indexing machines, Tunnel Washers, Single Piece flow conveyorised machines, overhead conveyorised machines, floor conveyorised machines, high pressure spray machines, Phosphating Lines, processing equipments and the latest development for the first time in India, the CDVAC, now nomenclature as SOLVECON, cleaning and drying under vacuum, using solvents. Imeco also provides accessories like intelligently programmed, automatic material handling systems, elaborate, coarse and absolute filtration arrangements, oil separation mechanisms, distillation systems etc.

Imeco plays a vital role and has created many benchmarks in components cleaning industry, by providing machines to market leaders, to achieve, stringent gravimetric values such as 0.001 mg, particle size of less than 5 micron. This has made Imecos position outstanding and is proud to state that, Imeco is one of the handful manufacturers in the world, who delivers such a wide range of concepts and accessories with commitments and experience in Water based as well as Solvent based technologies, under one roof.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key objective of all our acitivities. It is the management's philosophy and operating methodology that every employee takes responsibility for management and control of quality of their activities and strives to continually improve the quality of those activities.

The philosophy is based on the belief that all business activities are viewed as processes. All processes can be monitored and continually improved. The responsibility for process improvement is given to those who are associated with the process, and in this way every individual is charged with achieving continous improvement in all of our products and services.

Adherence to the best quality practices is a way of life at Imeco.

Manufacturing Infrastructure

IMECO factory is located at Pune, which is about 180 kms from the city of Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra. IMECO has 8000 sq. ft. built up factory premises. All the facilities and equipment required for operations like Machining, Fabrication, PCB assembly, Product testing, Frequency measurement, assembly of mechanical structures and inventory control systems are available in house. IMECO also has a Tech Center for cleanliness evaluation..

IMECO has facilities and equipments for conceptualisation, designing, machine building, machining, fabrication, PCB assembly, frequency measurement, mechanical assembly, electrical Assembly, Control Panel wiring and testing, PLC programming, product testing and gravimetric testing.

IMECO has a well-developed vendors network for various services like fabrication (SS and MS), machining, PCB manufacturing, wave soldering and other activities. Hence, IMECO is in a position to complete a machine from conceptualization to completion quickly.

Reliability and Quality are two important considerations followed by IMECO while building any equipment.

Marketing and Service Network

IMECO also has a well developed Marketing and Service Network with offices at Pune, Delhi and Chennai. The extensive marketing and customer support cell help to respond and deliver promptly and comprehensively. An exclusive Customer Support Cell is set-up in Pune, with personnel having experience of average 15 years in building and servicing cleaning machines at Imeco. This invariably renders prompt and comprehensive support to clients.

Innovation And Development

Innovation and development have always been the prime focus for IMECO. Constant innovation has provided customers with products and solutions suitable and tailor made to their specific needs. IMECO specializes in custom built equipments suitable to fulfill each customer's varied needs.

IMECO holds a patent for the Ultrasonic shot peening machine for strain hardening application.IMECO has developed the eco-friendly CDVAC (cleaning and drying under vacuum) for the first time in India.

IMECO has also developed a special tube cleaning machine for cleaning of outer tubes and struts used in the shock absorbers.

"Satisfaction of our immediate customer and his final customer is the prime focus of all IMECO activities "

Our Tie Up

VAPIC, Germany Technology tie-up with a German company, VAPIC, Vacuum and Pressure Industrial Cleaning, who are the leaders in Energy Efficient, Aqueous technologies and Solvent based technologies.

Martin Walter Ultraschalltechnik, Germany. Imeco is also the sole representative in India from the year 2001, for Martin Walter Ultraschalltechnik, Germany, who manufactures high-tech Push-Pull and Single Push Ultrasonic Transducers and Generators.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our mission is to provide latest machines and solutions by being sensitive to customers changing needs, adopting the latest technologies, effecting timely deliveries and generating the best value for money. The cleaning machine approach of the imeco engine platform is simple, operator friendly, and easy to maintain.

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